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Overview on our Service



DG Flugzeugbau is a certified maintenance company according to Part-M. Our maintenance section is directly connected to DG Flugzeugbau’s production line and for that reason has straight access to our extensive infrastructure. The huge warehouse and spare part distribution service has more than 15.000 different replacement parts for our customers in stock. Our services are not exclusively offered to customers owning DG or LS gliders. We are your competent partner. No matter which brand your glider is from!

We will be happy to welcome you soon in our facilities. You may contact our service team here.

Note to Customers from Switzerland and other non EU countries regarding reimbursement of German sales tax on sailplane repairs


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General Services
  • Annual inspection
  • Maintenance and repair according to customers’ and manufacturers’ instructions
  • Major overhauls
  • Interior equipment
  • Engine overhaul
  • Repair of SOLO aircraft engines
  • Examination of avionics
  • Extension of life span
  • Expert evidence

Thanks to our highly qualified staff we are able to provide small and simple maintenance as well as extensive and complex repairs of composite fiber gliders. Please send us your inquiry and we’ll be happy to create an offer for your damaged glider.


Our large Finish Department will furnish your glider with a first-class surface in well-known DG-quality.

We are offering re-varnishing with T-35 UP-Vorgelat as well as with 2K-Painting. By request we will recondition your glider’s interior, too.


Have a look at the following gallery to make out some examples of DG’s finish quality:


LS8 (update with “neo” Winglets, 3000h Inspection and new finish)




Duo Discus






Diana II





Modifications / Tuning

For performance oriented pilots we are offering extensive tuning options to modify your glider.

  • Optimization of all sealings (e.g. for contest flying)
  • Surface refinement
  • Installation of modern avionics
  • Modifications on aircraft of other manufacturers, like e.g. winglets (if applicable)


Beyond that we are offering wide-ranging modifications for DG und LS gliders.


  • Installation of NOAH bail out aid



  • 15m neo Winglets
  • Wing-Fuselage Transition
  • Roeger Hook


  • Installation of NOAH bail out aid


  • Roeger Hook


  • Installation of NOAH bail out aid
  • Winglets


  • 15m neo Winglets
  • Roeger Hook
  • Winglets


  • Installation of NOAH bail out aid


  • 15m neo Winglets (for all LS6 with wing parting)
  • Roeger Hook
  • Mandl Suction


  • Flash light in fuselage nose



  • LS-Winglets
  • Roeger Hook
  • Small tail wheel with 150mm diameter


  • Installation of NOAH bail out aid




  • 15m neo Winglets
  • 18m wing tips (for gliders with preparation)
  • Small tail wheel with 150mm diameter
  • Mandl Suction
  • 5″ undercarriage
  • Installation of NOAH bail out aid


  • Installation of NOAH bail out aid
  • 15m Winglets


  • 15m LS-Winglets
  • Installation of NOAH bail out aid


  • Conversion of the undercarriage to be electrically operated
  • 18m neo Winglets (except for DG-1001M)
  • 17,2m aerobatic wing-tips (except for DG-1001M)
  • Backrest for front seat
  • Flash light in fuselage nose 



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