DG-303 ELAN – Brief Description

Max. performance for the standard class

This high performance standard class sailplane was the latest development of the well proven DG-300 Elan, offering improved performance over the total flight regime. After having built 511 units the production was closed beginning 2006.
The technical data are:

  • The wing section was modified for lower drag, especially for better high speed performance. The winglets will improve the performance in thermalling and the max. L/D (increase app.. two points glide angle). In addition the winglets improve dramatically the handling characteristics while thermalling. This is another source of better climb performance.
  • The DG-303 Elan offers to you best chances to win competitions by improved thermalling characteristics and thermalling performance, especially with high water ballast loading.
  • The integral inner cockpit shell and the new backrest with integrated headrest protect the pilot most efficiently in case of a crash.
  • According to the results of a government sponsored research the canopy jettison system was redesigned. Only one handle must be actuated to allow automatic release of the canopy from the fuselage (same system as used with the DG-800).
  • Furthermore the DG-303 Elan will surprise you with a brand-new cockpit interior and color scheme to show that the DG-303 Elan is a new generation high performance sailplane.

DG-303 Elan ACRO – not only for aerobatics pilots

  • The difference between the ACRO and the normal version is mainly structural.
  • Even more maneuvers are certified than for aerobatics two-seaters. Shortening the wingspan is not necessary, so the DG-303 Elan ACRO is identical the normal DG-303 Elan when used for other applications such as gliding competitions etc.
  • Also for air shows the DG-303 Elan ACRO will be the perfect aircraft as the appearance of a standard class sailplane is more aesthetic than a glider with short wing span designed for aerobatics competitions only.

The DG-303 Elan ACRO is available in the standard class version as well as in the club version.

Brief description:

  • Complete airframe in glasfibre construction
  • Wings optional with winglets
  • Safety cockpit: integral inner shell for additional pilot safety
  • Safety harness geometry to minimize the risk of “submarining”
  • Adjustable backrest with integrated headrest
  • Optimized single handle canopy emergency jettison system
  • Automatic hook ups for all controls and the water ballast system
  • Effective air brakes, effective wheel brake
  • Well proven spring mounted landing gear with large 5.00-5 tire
  • Tail wheel is standard equipment