DG Flugzeugbau develops a new Propeller

In order to achieve the optimal climb rate for the Solo engine 2350C (30hp, 22kW) which is installed in the two seater DG-1001T, we at DG developed a special propeller.

The aerodynamic layout and building method was developed by the well known propeller specialist Dieter Schmitt who at this time was employed by DG.

The approval procedure, in accordance with the European regulation EASA CS22 subpart J (propeller), was completely carried out by DG. This procedure consisted of, in addition to test bed runs and calculation, also of a series of flight tests of the propeller with the prototype of the DG-1001T. A total of 50 hours of engine powered flight which was concluded without any problems.

Following climb rates were measured during these flights (with both seats occupied with an all up weight of 665kg) 1.3m/sec reduced to sea level and 0.75m/sec at 2,000m. All values are based on the ICAO standard atmosphere.

Through the aerodynamic layout of the propeller with a large diameter, the DG-1001T achieves the best climb rates within her class.
Hence the development objectives were fully met.

This propeller is now being produced in series by DG. It is built in carbon fibre shell construction. This means that no core material is being used which can be damaged during periods of high temperatures, which proved to be a problem with other propellers.

– wilhelm dirks –

Translation Frank Pennauer

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