About us

With our team of currently 70 employees we are producing sailplanes for customers all around the globe. Each glider is designed and equipped according to the client’s individual request. At present, our production line comprises the models DG-1001Club neo, DG-1001S, DG-1001T, DG1001M, DG-808C Competition and LS8-sc neo.

Every sailplane built verifies our high quality standards. DG Flugzeugbau is a Part-21J Design Organization (since 2016) and manufacturer according to Part-21G. We are crafting all products on the highest level. Our Service & Maintenance Department, certified according to Part-M, takes care of each glider and ensures that our customers can enjoy their hobby in a safe aircraft. A huge warehouse, in which we store more than 12.000 different parts for our fabrication as well as for replacement parts sale, supplements our production line.

For more information regarding DG Flugzeugbau and the DG Group, please read our brochure.


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