DG and LS pilots were able to achieve great competition results during the last weeks. We would like to congratulate:

Achim Reuther for his victory in Standard Class in Bayreuth on his LS8-a. His team mate Thomas Krausert (LS8a) unfortunately missed the podium by 5 points only.

Uwe Melzer became second flying his LS4 in Hockenheim

In Ulm, there was also a qualifying competition for the German Nationals next year where Mike Bauer (LS4) and Max Mistrey (DG-101) became second and third in Club Class. In Standard Class Clemens Pape and Matthias Schucka raced to the podium (2. and 3.) with their LS8.

Helge Liebertz won Club Class on his LS1-f flying JenaCup. Meike Mueller and Gerd-Peter Lauer became second and third in Standard Class on their LS8.

Bronkow Airfield organized a competition for the first time allowing three LS1 to fill up the podium in Club Class. Karsten Maixner (LS1-f), Mathias Habertag (LS1-f) and Karl-Heinz Boller-Rocholl (LS1-d) ranke one to three.

We’d like to wisch all pilots lots of success and many safe flights!





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