Over the past months we were frequently asked by customers if we could develop new neo winglets for their aircraft. Due to the steadily increasing demand, we recently decided to certify our LS6-c/LS8 neo winglets for LS6-b and furthermore develop a new type of neo winglets for LS7.

You should know that each type of neo winglet is designed specifically for a type of aircraft. Although the shape looks the same, aerodynamics are calculated individually to guarantee the best increase in performance possible. So, every project begins with Johannes Dillinger who cares for aerodynamic calculation. Then our team of engineers creates a 3D model in order to mill the tools on our cnc milling system. Finally, a set of winglets is produced and attached to an aircraft to conduct flight testing for certification.

In order to keep the financial risk on a low level we again decided to sell winglet kits in advance. As soon as we have 5 orders for LS6-b and 10 orders for LS7 we will kick-off the project.

In case you own such aircraft and want to have a new set of winglets, please feel free to contact our Sales Department or Sebastian Tschorn. We’ll be happy to send you more information and answer your questions. 




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