Congratulations to Simon Schröder who is the new standard class Junior World Champion! Only a couple of weeks after his father Robert Schröder had finished as runner-up at the European Championship in the standard class, Simon’s big dream of winning a WGC became true. With a constantly good performance throughout the entire competition the current German Junior Champion always flew his LS8-neo to come in on one of the first positions. After the first two days of team flying with Simon Briel and Robin Sittmann, the trio already took the lead the standard class. His flight on day 9, when Simon came in second and scored high, was the key to win the contest. In the end Simon Briel had scored enough points to become runner-up and Robin Sittmann finished the Juniors’ WGC fifth. Great job!

Also in the club class our pilots were great. All German competitors had chosen to fly an LS4. Maximilian Dorsch came in third, and fourth placed Tobias Pachowsky missed the podium by only some points. Philipp Lauer finished 6th. The LS4 was the most popular club class sailplane in Szeged. 14 out of 44 competitors flew the popular model. More than half of all participating gliders were either LS or DG sailplanes! We wish all pilots good luck and many more great flights!

Last but not least we would like to send our congratulations to all members of Team Germany, which thanks to its great scores won the Nation-Cup!






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