Today our chief designer, Jelmer Wassenaar, has been able to successfully accomplish the flight testing of our LS1-f neo. During the past few weeks, 10 test flights were necessary to document all required records for the final authorization. The last two flights of the series were the most challenging ones. We had to test and provide evidence of the glider’s flutter stability. 3000 meters high and at a speed of 300 km/h the pilot tried to stimulate flutter. For sure, not the most comfortable flight attitude.

Now that the LS1-f neo has successfully passed all tests, we may apply for the official approval. It should be issued in 3-4 months.

When mounting the winglets, Vne and cockpit payload do not change. The weight of the non-lifting parts rises from 230kg to 250kg, an important point to consider in connection with your reference weight during a contest. Water ballast is still allowed when using the old wing tips. Unfortunately, with the new winglets, you may not use water ballast.

We are providing the new winglet kits with immediate effect. If you are interested, feel free to contact our Spare Parts Support.

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