DG Flugzeugbau recently delivered the first out of 4 DG-1001Club neo to France Gliding Services. 

France Gliding Services is in contractual relationship with the well-known European airline Air France. The task is to carry out basic training for new Air France pilots in future. The gliders are positioned in St. Auban, the national gliding centre, famous for being a good starting point for ambitious mountain flying in the French Alps.

Air France will send up to 80 cadets per year to learn the basics of flight with our state of the art training double seaters. In the course of 50 flights the young pilots learn all necessary manoeuvres including basic aerobatics and recovery of dangerous flight situations.  

More than 60 DG-1000 and DG-1001 are in use for training purposes in Air Forces, such as the United States Air Force or the Australian Air Force. France gliding services is the first corporation to use the DG-1001Club for commercial training in a large scale now. The DG-1001Club neo, as the latest version is called, features new “neo” winglets which improve flight as well as stall characteristics. An aerodynamically optimized 3” nose wheel reduces drag and points out the DG-1001Club neo’s racy shape. All 4 gliders will be equipped with wing end plates for aerobatics which can be optionally mounted instead of the neo winglets. This option improves agility along the longitudinal axis and allows easier spin entry. In this configuration the DG-1001Club is perfect for aerobatics up to +7/-5g.

DG Flugzeugbau is happy to supply training sailplanes for this project and wishes all the best to the pilots flying in this program!





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