Around 4 weeks after manufacturing the molds we were able to perform a successful maiden flight of the new LS4 neo today. In icy weather we prepared the glider for the first flight tests and Jelmer Wassenaar, Head of Design, was the first to take off with this new wingtip design. All tests were conducted without a sigle problem and after round about 30 minutes our test-pilot landed safely on Bruchsal airfield with a big grin in his face.

The flight was carried out together with a probe that was towed by the LS4 to measure dynamic pressure in clean air, so the glider’s turbulences do not influence results. Due to the good weather we were able to finish spin tests with and without water as well. Next to come up is flutter testing, robably the most exciting of all tests for the test pilot. 

Flight tests will go on during the upcoming days under high pressure to finish testing for certification. Serial production of the winglet-kits has started this week already.

We also want to take the chance and send a big “thank you” to Akaflieg Darmstadt. It’s their glider we use for testing. Helge Kennel, DG’s employee and LS veteran was proud to take the pictures.



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