3.400 km in 4 days and 1.003 km on DG 800S with 15m wingspan 

Days with wind from the North, constantly sending fresh air  into our region, are very uncommon in July. Once this weather situation appears it can be a big chance for great, long flights. In combination with good pilot fitness, detailed flight preparation and a suitable aircraft, this allows you to fly >1000km even in the flat area of Brandenburg/Germany. Together with Sarah D. on Ventus bT I took-off with my DG-800S for a 10,5h flight across the North-East parts of Germany on July 2nd.

In the late evening we had a 1.003 km flight in our pocket which featured many interesting aspects. Usually, pilots choose big ships to fly >1.000km tasks. So with Sarah’s small Ventus bT and my DG-800S in 15m configuration this was not the typical equipment for a very large flight. In addition, we flew with a very low wing loading to allow taking of by winch. 1.000km out of a winch!? What a great day…

I really like the harmonic flight characteristics of my DG-800S. The glider was recently retrofittet with DG808 15m winglets which significantly increased maneuverability and I absolutely like it! A relaxed sitting position supports concentration especially during long flights and improves your flying. Although the DG-800S is not very common in competition any more the advantages of this aircaft, especially its ergonomics, are outstanding. This fact allowed flights of more than 9 hours on 4 days in a row! Surely a very unique weather situation for our region. I’m proud my 18m wingtips stayed inside the trailer…

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Matthias Kaese, Juli 2018

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