Today we had to say farewell to our long-term employee Helge Kennel and sent him on his way into a well deserved retirement. Helge had joined our company in 2003, when Rolladen Schneider Flugzeugbau was taken over by DG. He primarily worked in our LS sailplane production.

As an accomplished electrician he had been working for Rolladen Schneider in their fiber-composite department since 1979. During his career he has accompanied all their glider models, starting with the LS3 to our LS10. He is one of the exceptional workers that have stayed with the German sailplane industry who are able to realize a design project with their own hands, without needing CAD or CNC assistance.

Whatever topic, development, prototype construction or serial production, Helge has always been and still is an important contact person for all of us. He helps us with all his knowledge. At DG Flugzeugbau Helge has been last responsible for the fuselage construction of our single-seated DG and LS gliders. Upon retirement he finishes his career with the completion of the fuselage for – Well…, you might guess what? – an LS8sc neo.

We are very happy that Helge will still be available to help us with words and deeds. We wish all the best for him and good luck for his manifold projects and plans after retiring.

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