On August 11th we successfully completed the maiden flight of our new DG-1001 neo wing-tips.

The new outer wing was designed in cooperation with Johannes Dillinger and is based on the vast knowledge and experience in winglet design we collected during the past years. The new wing-tip is now heading more backwards and the kink at the wing-parting is reduced significantly. The racy lines of new neo-winglets complete the wonderful design and create a modern look.

With a big grin Jelmer Wassenaar jumped out of the cockpit and reported that the glider is now able to fly slower and significantly more stable at low speeds. The DG-1001’s gentle flight characteristics are now on a new level. Comparing this to our experience with other neo-winglet projects we expect better performance in a wide speed area. More details will come up during the test campaign.

The new 20m neo wing-tip will become standard for all DG-1001S, T, M and E. Older DG-1001 can be retrofitted.

For inquiries regarding a new DG-1001 neo aircraft please follow this online form

Inquiries for retrofitting the new wingtips to older DG-1000 may be directed to our Service Team 

Flight testing goes on under high pressure now and we hope to conduct the first customer flights soon!






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