The Aero 2017 has gone into the books and we would like to thank all our visitors who stopped by at the DG booth! For the first time ever, glider products were shown in hall B5; a setting that before the event many exhibitors had been skeptical about. Especially glider pilots had gotten used to find their favorite brands in hall A1. However the new location was very well visited and our booth was incredibly busy at any time.

At our booth No. 209 we had the DG-1001 Club neo on display. This glider is laid out for multifunctional operations in a gliding club and serves as an ideal trainer for basic instruction. Above it, sitting on a platform, we presented the LS8 in its current neo version.

Besides marveling at the two gliders, we invited our visitors to learn more about the new winglets in our neo-family. We also had the latest news about the Vortex-project available.

We are especially proud of the Volocopter’s new serial version.  It has recently been named „2X“, and commissioned by e-volo GmbH, we have been busy developing and designing the aircraft over the past few months. The revolutionary design had a booth of its own and was displayed in hall A7.