DG-1001M - Der doppelsitzige Eigenstarter

Quality, performance, safety and all-round capabilities have always been the most important characteristics of our well known DG-1000 family since its roll-out. With more than 300 units sold, the DG-1000 family is flying in all areas of gliding. For us it was a logical conclusion to run this successful model through an update now.

With the DG-1001e neo we present the world’s first double seater in serial production powered by the well-known and popular FES system.

The glider will feature new 20m wingtips with neo-winglets as a result of numerous successful aerodynamic projects that we conducted together with Johannes Dillinger during the past years.


  • FES system by LZ Design
  • 30kW brushless motor with foldable propeller
  • Generation 3 LiPo batteries (16S, 75Ah, 8,9kWh)
  • FES control units on both seats in series
  • New 20m wingtips with neo winglets
  • 790kg (1.742 lbs) MTOW
  • Maiden flight in the beginning of 2020


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Technical Data

Technical Data

Wing San m 17,2 18 20
Wing Area 16,3 16,72 17,53
Aspect Ratio / 18,15 19,38 22,82
Length m 8,57 8,57 8,57
Height m 1,8 1,8 1,8
Max. Speed km/h 270 270 270
Water Ballast l 160 160 160
Max. Take-off Mass kg 750 750 790
Max. Take-off Mass for Aerobatics Category A kg 630


Propulsion System    
Motor / Brushless Motor by LZ Design
Power kW ca. 30
Propeller / foldable propeller with 2 blades
Battery (stored in fuselage) / LZ Design GEN3 (16S / LiPo / 8,9kWh)


Standard Equipment

DG-1001e neo Standard Equipment :

  • FES System by LZ Design
  • Foldable 2-blade propeller
  • 1 set of GEN3 LiPo batteries
  • FES control unit on both seats
  • 2x battery charger
  • Discharging device
  • FES battery data cables
  • 2x battery transport box (stainless steel)


  • New 20m wingtip with neo-Winglets
  • 790kg MTOW
  • T-35 Finish
  • Wings built with carbon structure
  • Wing parting
  • Double storied air-brakes
  • 160l water ballast
  • Wing-tip wheels
  • Automatic hook-ups for all rudders
  • 3-D tubulators and sealings on all rudders
  • Trim Box integrated in vertical stabilizer
  • Tail wheel
  • Electrically operated landing gear incl. disc-brake
  • CG and nose hook
  • Piggott-hook incl. parking brake
  • VHF-Antenna in vertical stabilizer
  • Prandtl-M-Adapter
  • Registration Numbers in decals
  • Innovative safety-cockpit
  • 4-point safety-harness
  • Head rests
  • Canopy cover
  • Maiden flight done, ready for pick-up in Bruchsal

Here is a list of the most popular options for the DG-1001e neo:

  • Canopy-warning
  • Landing gear warning
  • 17,2m acro wingtips
  • 18m neo winglets
  • Battery in baggage compartment (LiFePo 15Ah or led-acid 12Ah)
  • Add. backrest for front cockpit
  • Energy absorbing seat cushions
  • Addintional map-pocket on rear seat
  • Tail dolly
  • Trim weights
  • Lash loops
  • FLARM Antenna Dolba BD12 in vertical stabilizer
  • Transponder preparation
Safety Features

In addition to the above mentioned safety cockpit the DG-1001e neo provides a number of further safety aspects:

  • easy start of propulsion system without time delay
  • the FES control unit is available on both seats. This makes training very easy
  • Automatic connection of all control elements, including water dumping.
  • Very effective two-bladed air brakes and wheel brake.
  • The gear is operated via an electric switch; that is to say during the retraction- or extension-procedure you are able to stay focused on flying the glider.











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