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DG-1001 - the new DG-1000

our excellent plane to be further improved

Over the years, our DG-1000, a multi functional two-seater, got in place in the market.
We don't list all the preferences of this plane - supposing they are well known.

But the development doesn't stop, hence we carried out a range of further improvements, which will be integrated in the new model DG-1001. With immediate effect the DG-1001 will be serially delivered.

The DG-1001 is different compared to the parent model in the following points:

  • new canopy guide rail with an additional canopy sealing in order to achieve less flying noise and an ideal fit of the canopy over a wide temperature range
  • modified air brake handhold at the front seat for an improved and a more convenient access
  • modified, wider pedals at the front seat to enhance the sitting comfort
  • improved shape of the head-rest at the front seat to enhance the view of the rear pilot
  • interior in a new design
  • electrical landing gear (optional but still available is the manually actuated landing gear without surcharge)
  • detail improvements with an automatic locking mechanism for the manually actuated landing gear
  • logo at the cockpit in new design
  • pedal extensions at the rear seat for small pilots (optional)
  • removable backrest at the front seat in order to achieve better individual adjustments for small pilots (optional)

Most notably the electrical landing gear delighted the most pilots.

All this improvements are part of the model upgrading and find their way to the serial-production without surcharge. 

- friedel weber -
Translation: Holger Kuhn




Brochure of the DG-1001 Family

Data Sheet of the DG-1001 / DG-1001T



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